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A Realization – I deserve this pain for not understanding my parents

A relization

A Realization

I deserve this pain for not understanding my parents




When i was sitting with my friends  at the party i heard my mobile phone ringing “mom calling”, why she’s calling me, I told her that i have a function at 11:30 and i will come home late “simply calling”. One of my friends heard the ringing sound and he called at aloud sound and said “hey! We too have girlfriends to call okay”. When I heard this I got angry towards mom and didn’t attend the phone. Made my phone silent and put it into my pocket. After some time when they party became silent for some reason i took my mobile and I saw 10 missed call “mom” and 6 missed calls from “dad”. At that time i thought “ohh they want know where i am that the reason why they are calling me several time I’m fed up”. The party got over and i said bye to my friends and took my bike and i was returning to my home, during the whole ride it was the joyful moments at the party in my mind. When i was approaching near to my home, there was a pit at the junction but somehow i escaped the pit, it was a big pit. This pit was taken for the implementation of water pipe but they didn’t even put a board there.  But suddenly bike stopped, it happened when i tried to escape the pit, then i took the kicker lever and tried to start the bike suddenly blood flowed from my leg, there was a sharp pipe near the pit it got hit on my leg and started to bleed, the bleeding was not so high i could manage it. The anger, pain and sadness all together came inside me and I blamed my day. As always mom and dad was sitting at the veranda of my house waiting for me to come, when i was parking my bike i thought of that 16 missed calls which i neglected, i looked at my mom she was staring at me and asked “how many times did i call you?” I looked down without much attention to her question she then said “i called you because there was a new pit there at the junction, I just wanted to warn you about that “son” and your father was staying near the pit with a torch to warn you about the pit, he waited so long and just now he returned back”. When i heard this i was burned down to earth, my heart began to beats faster and i was emotionally broken into pieces, my eyes was full of tears that flowed like a never ending river, without showing my face to anyone I went to my room. Again heard my mom’s voice “did you have your food? We were waiting for you to have dinner together. When i heard this, tears flowed through my eyes without asking my permission. Somewhere in my heart it felt very weigh full. A pain that comes from nowhere is it from heart or the wounded leg, it felt from the heart more than the wounded leg. The blood started to bleed more and pain increased and i thought whether to ask mom to put some medicine over my leg there was 100 question running over my head and then finally decided “No i don’t want to tell my parents about this, I deserve this pain for not understating my parents”

Rantish Rajan.