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Types of Rechargeable Batteries There are various kinds of rechargeable batteries, with all kinds having their own specific internal chemistry. Due to these variations, each kind of battery has its specific pros and cons which ultimately lead to them being used for different purposes and applications. The following are the main types of rechargeable batteries: Sales–up to 80% off and FREE SHIPPING RC vehicle battery  

Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium)

Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries were the first to become widely popular among households. They rose to prominence quickly and were featured in a wide variety of devices, coming in several cylinder and button sizes (9V, AAA, AA, D, and C). They have robust qualities, being resistant to overcharging. This is why they are preferred in cold weather. Nickel Cadmium Battery   The downsides of these batteries include the fact that Cadmium (an integral part of their construction) is highly toxic. Furthermore, they are also prone to reducing their performance given that they are recharged before being completely discharged (this is called the “memory effect”). Due to these implications and expensive costs, as of September 2008, Ni-Cd batteries became only limited to military and medical use.

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

After the downfall of Ni-Cd batteries, NiMH batteries replaced them, proving to be a better alternative in every aspect. NiMH batteries are Eco friendly as they are easily disposed (although, it is essential to recycle them correctly). Their energy density is also relatively higher as compared to that of the Ni-Cd batteries. This enables them to run their powering devices for longer periods. Plus, they don’t suffer from the “memory effect”. They do have a comparatively poorer rate of charge retention, but this is an issue which has been fixed in recent productions.

Li-ion (Lithium-ion)

Li-ion batteries were quick to gain attention, and are still becoming increasingly popular. This is mostly due to their high energy density, which makes them a suitable power source for a wide variety of modern electronic devices which are being used on a daily basis by all human beings. These batteries are also capable of being recharged over and over for more than a thousand times, and have impressive charge retention. Lithium Ion battery All Power Tool Batteries 15% off with code “powertool” With all of these benefits, the only disadvantage is that these batteries are comparatively more expensive. But this factor is understandable given their impressive performances. Another downside is the devices in which they are used must have a protective circuitry, due to the fact that Lithium is a highly volatile element.

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

The technology behind SLA Batteries has been tried and tested for over a century. This is what makes them the most reliable and widely used power source. Although being a cheaper alternative, they do come in large and bulky sizes due to the liquid chemicals present inside them. Given the presence of potentially toxic elements inside them, they must be kept in upright positions and protected from leakage. sealed lead acid battery

sealed lead acid battery

Applications of SLA Batteries include alarm systems, emergency lighting backups, and static UPS. Gel Batteries are useable at all angles. This makes them ideal for machines such as golf buggies.

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